As a group blog of over 100 professional contributors, Brain Blogger actively solicits original articles on a broad range of topics from multidimensional — biological, psychological, and sociological — perspectives. We welcome authors from all backgrounds to join our team.

Our articles are written for a general audience. They must be temporally relevant and well-researched by citing peer-reviewed publications and other primary sources (not merely popular media). Once a draft is made, authors should place themselves in the reader’s position and address any and all lingering questions. Therefore, we do not impose word-count limits for our articles.

Your article may be featured in partner websites and affiliated media. Since Brain Blogger is indexed by Google News and has many other syndications, your writing will never go unread!

Submission Requirements

The requirements for article contributions are straightforward:

  • You assert that your work is original and free from copyright infringement;
  • The work should be related to one of our reviewed topics. You may also compose a series of articles, or expand an existing series; and
  • You agree that Brain Blogger will retain all intellectual property rights to works submitted. Permission must be sought to reproduce works on venues other than Brain Blogger.

Sign Up as a Contributor

Please follow these simple steps to join our writing team:

  • Register — Select an appropriate username that will be publicly displayed, for example, your first initial and last name. Remember to fill out your profile in full, including your academic credentials and a brief bio written in the third person. You may see an example here.
  • Contact Us — Next, send us a message including your username specifically requesting a contributor role, as all new sign-ups are listed as subscribers. We recently incorporated this step to combat spam posts.
  • Login — Then, select Posts –> Add New to compose your article. For further instructions, please read this tutorial on writing posts.
  • Our site displays globally recognize avatars (Gravatars) — the tiny picture next to article and comment author names. If you want to show your unique avatar on our site, make sure you register with the email address you used to sign-up for Gravatar.
    To see if your post was scheduled for future publication on Brain Blogger, select Posts -> Scheduled.


  • Title — Should be both captivating and informative. Separate clauses with a hyphen (instead of semi-colon). Capitalize all words except for internal closed-class words (aka title case).
  • Post — Should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Separate paragraphs with a hard-enter (line between each paragraph). For references, although APA style is preferred please include either the PMID (PubMed ID) or DOI (obtained from CrossRef) so we may properly format your entry. Based on reader feedback, we do not use in-text citations (i.e., Author 2013), but do post a list of references at the end of each article. We gear away from popular sources and heavily cited, peer-reviewed papers.
  • We recommend that you first compose your article in a word processor, save it to your hard drive, and then paste the text in the compose screen when it’s ready for publication. For advanced users, go to your profile, and select “Disable the visual editor when writing”. This way you can avoid extraneous formatting and use quick tags (e.g., for bold, italics, links, lists, read more).
    **If you are pasting directly from MS Word, please control the copying and pasting of the formatting to prevent including troublesome html, as described here. An alternative would be to copy-paste from MS Word to Notepad, and then copy-paste to our site from Notepad.


  • Html and Formatting — For html formatting, ONLY include italics (<i> or <em>), bold (<<strong>), underline (<u>), strikethrough (<del>), and lists (<li>). In particular, please do not use &nbsp, <br>, or code for font size and type.
  • Categories — Select the one topic that best matches the post subject.
  • Tags — Do not enter tags.
  • Featured Image — To suggest a featured image please use Pixabay and copy the link to the bottom of the submitted article. For images from other sources please ensure that legal permission to publish the image is acquired and contact cclark@gnif.org regarding its inclusion in your article.
  • Publish Status — If you are still working on it, keep as Unpublished so it appears under your Drafts. Only when you are ready to submit to our editing team, select Submit for Review.


When your article is ready for publication, select Submit for Review. One of our editors will shortly review, edit, format, and publish your article. You will then see the status change to Scheduled. Moreover, our readers can find the title on our sidebar under “Future Posts.” If your article is time-sensitive, then send us a message with the article title and reason for reviewing/publishing it earlier than usual.

Online Writing Resources

For excellent online writing advice, please read the following guides:

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